The Chirpy Little Boy

The chirpy little boy
With a smile so bright,
It would make you smile;
Determined to be a pilot, one day!
Had turned forty, today.

Ugh! Just another day,
His flushed face, refusing to blow the candles,
Hesitating to eat the ‘sugary’ cake
And instead, frowning
Thinking over the work at the office earlier that day

Huh! What an exhausting day
But sleep evaded his tired body.
He had been unusually silent the entire time
Yet, affirming to his wife,
That everything was okay.

But was it?
He asked himself
Only if he had taken that other job!
Wouldn’t his kids have had more toys?
Wouldn’t they all have been happier?

Is this what the chirpy little boy
Had hoped to become one day?
Would he have been proud?
Could it have been any better?
Can it be any better?
Or is it too late,
And he too weak?

He sat up, trying to clear his mind
And saw a card lying on the table
Tied to his favourite chocolate
“World’s Best Father”
It said on the cover…

The questions got lost
His hands now trembling
He smiled so bright
It would make you smile
And it made his wife wipe his tears away

The chirpy little boy
Will make them more happier
Will make them all proud
Will make it better
His Chirpy Little Boy.

(originally published in Yamuna- The annual SRCC magazine)

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