Today the sky mocked me with its blue smear-
Ostracized from the lively land; its vastness all alone;
Blemished with clouds of melancholy; about to shed a tear.
The sun with all its glory shone-
Swallowing the sky with all its might;
Concealing the singing stars; stimulating fright!

I walked and walked and wandered-
Oblivious of the Tulips I tossed and the meadows I meandered.
In the company of enveloping failure and desolation,
In search of solitude and inspiration.
Eventually, I reached the cliff and sat still
In the midst of the experience of many a hill.

When at once I heard a distant bluster-
The fiery magma whelped within a hill, burnt the land yonder.
All the land bore, all its lore;
Turned to ash and gore.
Oh! What a blood-shed!
From the bowels of the Earth, the Red Devil fed the land above his head.

I like the Wedding Guest stood absolutely motionless
Gazing, as if hypnotized; rendered emotionless.
I forgot at once, my failure’s throes
As the burning land confided in me its sorrow.
A hot wind now started blowing about the wilderness
And bore along the ashes of my sadness.

(Today marks exactly two years since “Word River Crossings” the anthology I co-authored, was released at Epicuria, Nehru Place. As an observance of that day, I have put up this poem, which eventually became the foundation stone of my journey with poetry and became the highlight of my section of poems in the book)

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