There Is A Jungle Out There

Within the chaos of dense trees and thorny bushes,
He takes another step ahead,
Slow, for he must not be heard;
Careful, for he must not leave any footprints behind.
His feet rustle by brown, crisp leaves
Waiting to decay in the jungle soil.
And he must keep moving forward.

He has seen the Ant reach the top of the rock
Seen the Tortoise beat the Hare
Seen the Rabbit drag the Lion into the deep wells
Survival of the fittest, they call it-
An eagle screeches and the monkeys yell.
A cold shiver runs down his spine-
A war? An ominous sign?

And now he has reached a junction,
One path- coloured with stinging nettle
The other- stamped with giant footprints.
Don’t be mistaken! Why?
For the one he chooses is equally daunting
As the one ‘less travelled’ by,
As the road not taken.

Despite that, Nature is indeed beautiful
The little caterpillar spins a tender cocoon
Waiting, to become a magnificent butterfly
Oh what a sight!
Sight upon the Frog’s eyes
Also waiting, waiting patiently.
At the backdrop of the snake’s hiss.

Now a strong wind blows
And carries the jungle out his sight
He looks around
There are people all abound
There are buildings that surround
A pandemonium envelopes the air
There is a jungle out there.

(originally written for the theme of SRCC Youth Conference 2014)

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