The Vagaries of my Optimism-I


A burst of optimism stretches my smug smile
Upon the reflections of past glory:
If it can be done
It will be done.
Though how feeble,
How translucent;
Shimmering fog upon the moon’s bright light;
Easily carried away by the wind;
Leaving just the silence of my pessimism behind;
That feigns monsters that corner me in this empty, open field.
Boom! Fireworks!
The heart pounds with the sparkle in my eye;
The soul dances with the fleeting companions for life.
Life’s good!
The times are the best in memory!
I think of this pleasant while upon a solitary smile-
I see me drifting ahead of thousands of little lights;
Lights making their ways ahead in the dark.
When at once a light moves past me,
Leaving me dazed with the flash.
In a second that the clock missed but my thumping heart didn’t,
My mind chokes.
A thousand lights ahead of me
Till all the lights are just a blur
Till they are all out of my limbo.


(Vagaries of my Optimism is an experiment in trying to create immensely abstract pictures in words that do not quite reveal what they really mean. They merely attempt to fill the reader’s heart with the emotions that envelop me as I write each word)

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