The Vagaries of My Optimism- II

Slow, slow, slow and ste–ady
The horrors of my mind entrapped in this room
In this room to get out of this room
The ebb before the flows
The multiple lows in the flow
Flow to the brim
In the jar of my apprehensions
Break the jar for it’s the wrong jar you’re filling
Here take this one
Look at your reflection on its surface
It’s you inside
Fill it in with you
Make it plentiful
Make it overflow the brim
Each day
Every moment.
No, don’t get distracted now
Yes, this too is a challenge.
Remember, fill only the correct jar
It’s a mind game
Yeah, yeah shut up.
It is going to be awesome.

(Vagaries of my Optimism is an experiment in trying to create immensely abstract pictures in words that do not quite reveal what they really mean. They merely attempt to fill the reader’s heart with the emotions that envelop me as I write each word)

Read Part I of this series here: The Vagaries of my Optimism-I

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