One Carefree Moment

Heart beats pacing
Vision Blurring
Almost there!
Almost there!
Hold your breath!
Dive across the finish line!

Thud! He falls hard
Drags upon the red gravel
And then stops
Lying on his stomach.
He exhales loudly
Deafening out,
The screaming crowd.
He isn’t happy
He isn’t sad
Has he won?
Or has he lost?
He doesn’t know
He doesn’t care.

A rush in his stomach
A wrench in his gut,
He waited a year for this moment
Every day, planned to the minute.
But this second, he didn’t know what to do
Like little kids in parks,
Who want to win their games, but
Don’t know better to do with a win
Than to play another game.

The world can wait for some time
Yes! He had made it to the end!
His sweat will wipe out any tears- happy or sad
The sharp, red sand is his soft, warm bed
For this moment is just his
In this moment, he can just be.

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