You can think of this blog as a primer for what’s going around in the world. It can be a place where you identify with my thoughts and confusions as I go about with life. Or it can simply be a place where you learn with me, teach me, correct me or critique me. Think think-tank, think knowledge-bank, think musing-plank. It can be all or one or some, honestly, even I don’t know yet, what it’s really going to be.

All I know is that I want to know.

You might feel that this blog is too broad, covering unrelated things such as ‘Learn’ and ‘Poetry’ ; but that’s what I always intended this blog to be : A reservoir of whatever interests me, whatever I learn along the way, an expression of the labyrinth that is my head and my eternal love, poetry.

Learn new things;
Unlearn what you think is true;
Poetry for flavour.

I am Sanyam Gupta, a 21-year-old, Indian kid who loves to read and write. Sometimes impulsive; sometimes too optimistic; at times too pensive; at more times too poignant. I am a proud grammar nazi, an English enthusiast and a debater. I was published in the anthology titled ‘Word River Crossings’ at age 17. I am currently an MBA student at IIM-A.

Feel free to contact me at 9999570662 or on Facebook or through the following form:


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