You can think of this blog as a primer for what’s going around in the world. It can be a place where you identify with my thoughts and confusions as I go about with life. Or it can simply be a place where you learn with me, teach me, correct me or critique me. Think think-tank, think knowledge-bank, think musing-plank. It can be all or one or some, honestly, even I don’t know yet, what it’s really going to be.

All I know is that I want to know.

You might feel that this blog is too broad, covering unrelated things such as ‘Learn’ and ‘Poetry’ ; but that’s what I always intended this blog to be : A reservoir of whatever interests me, whatever I learn along the way, an expression of the labyrinth that is my head and my eternal love, poetry.

Learn new things;
Unlearn what you think is true;
Poetry for flavour.

I am Sanyam Gupta, a 20-year-old, Indian kid who loves to read and write. Sometimes impulsive; sometimes too optimistic; at times too pensive; at more times too poignant. I am a proud grammar nazi, an English enthusiast and a debater. I was published in the anthology titled ‘Word River Crossings’ at age 17 and am currently study BCom. Hons. from the Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

Feel free to contact me at 9999570662 or on Facebook or through the following form:


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