Unbundling Demonetisation

More often than not, we judge policy measures through the lens of our political affiliations. This creates a din of confirmation biases and loud proclamations which ignore trade-offs and opportunity costs. Through this article, I wish to objectively break down demonetisation and put it under a simple costs-versus-benefits scanner. For a policy reform to be … More Unbundling Demonetisation

Lehman’s Ghosts: The NPA Problem in Indian Banks

Indian banks are in trouble, which means you and I are in trouble too. A reek of déjà vu grips the nation as it reels under the next financial crises conditions akin to the 2007-08 times. There are talks of bank bailouts becoming imminent though minced under the weight of the government running away from Lehman’s … More Lehman’s Ghosts: The NPA Problem in Indian Banks