Bliss 3

The tree bows above me Hugs me warmly in its cool shade. The branches criss-cross— A netted hammock for my worries; The sun shining through it, Painting me gold and dark. The river plays the different cymbals, The wind on the flute The insects buzz the bass guitar The birds reach a chirpy crescendo All … More Bliss 3


Nope, No human-sized screens No high-definition either. We don’t come in broadsheets or tabloids Quarter page festivity Or festive offers. Yet, You and I? We are both just ads. Flying high, In a fat opaque bubble Well, at least we like to think it’s opaque. Drifting away To where the sun goes. The bright, yellow, … More Ads


Today the sky mocked me with its blue smear- Ostracized from the lively land; its vastness all alone; Blemished with clouds of melancholy; about to shed a tear. The sun with all its glory shone- Swallowing the sky with all its might; Concealing the singing stars; stimulating fright! I walked and walked and wandered- Oblivious … More Bliss

The Woman

With tyrannous weeds now uprooted A new seed was well sown The seed of a new India. On the foundation stone The lines of laws were carved- That the sweet fruits of the tree Be shared in equal measure. Equality! Liberty! Freedom! They chanted! They danced! Today the tree stands tall. Today the tree’s roots … More The Woman

The Chirpy Little Boy

The chirpy little boy With a smile so bright, It would make you smile; Determined to be a pilot, one day! Had turned forty, today. Ugh! Just another day, His flushed face, refusing to blow the candles, Hesitating to eat the ‘sugary’ cake And instead, frowning Thinking over the work at the office earlier that … More The Chirpy Little Boy