Lehman’s Ghosts: The NPA Problem in Indian Banks

Indian banks are in trouble, which means you and I are in trouble too. A reek of déjà vu grips the nation as it reels under the next financial crises conditions akin to the 2007-08 times. There are talks of bank bailouts becoming imminent though minced under the weight of the government running away from Lehman’s … More Lehman’s Ghosts: The NPA Problem in Indian Banks

Will E-Commerce Survive?

Times seem great for e-commerce, at least definitely great for the top three- Flipkart, Amazon and SnapDeal. Venture Capitalists seem to have found the sweet-spot on their bats -made of cash- tossing valuations out of the stadium for sixes. Customer awareness is at an all-time high and offline retailers can’t stop pacing to and fro. … More Will E-Commerce Survive?


Nope, No human-sized screens No high-definition either. We don’t come in broadsheets or tabloids Quarter page festivity Or festive offers. Yet, You and I? We are both just ads. Flying high, In a fat opaque bubble Well, at least we like to think it’s opaque. Drifting away To where the sun goes. The bright, yellow, … More Ads

Religion and People

Spirituality is the end, religion is ONE OF THE means to that end. We need to think before we do. Even things that we always thought were true. Unlearn what you know. Just because a lot of people are saying something is true, doesn’t make it true. Just because it has been happening since a long time, doesn’t make it right. And all this, still assuming that God exists at the end of the day. If you look at God with one eye, the other eye blind to religion, we’ll truly understand what God is. … More Religion and People

We Hate Taxes

HOW BLACK MONEY GETS ITS POLISH AND SIMILAR TALES Ramesh: “If black money was an Olympics event, India would have won a gold medal. The second best Russia has 4 times lesser deposits. U.S. is not even in the top five! India has more money in Swiss banks than all the other countries combined!” Suresh: Woah! How do … More We Hate Taxes